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Introducing Superhero Capes: Unplug and Play!

Child wearing a superhero cape and holding a glittering wand in an enchanted wood with a fox and unicorn

Durable, Washable, Organic Superhero Capes have landed!

Check out our 4 designs below: Explore, Imagine, Be Fearless, and Be Magical!

"The highest form of research is essentially play.... 

It is motivated by innate curiosity and inquiry. It is the expression of a child's urge to find out and discover for himself how to live, how to be....

The spirit of play is vital to all humanity: the basis of most of the happiness of mankind; the means by which humanity advances creatively, scientifically, intellectually and socially. The spirit of play is vital not only to childhood but to all mankind."

- N.V. Scarfe, Play is Education

Explore! The sky is not the Limit!

Child in a space shuttle superhero cape in front of a NASA launch 

Imagine! Science Fiction to Science Possibility?

Child who is wearing a UFO superhero cape and standing on a dark planet with a spaceship in the background

Be Fearless!

Child in a wheelchair lifting up her dragon superhero cape with a castle and dragon flying in the background

Be Magical!

Child flying over a city wearing a unicorn cape

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